My Thriller Debut (Part III)

I must say that again I got lucky. I can’t take sole credit for the way the team pulled together. I mean in 48 hours you really are asking a lot of people. It doesn’t sound like a lot, but it is. From the actors–you are asking them to show up at a certain time, with several kinds of clothing and props (because you have no idea what genre or story you’ve got until the last minute), with their full game on, ready to face the cameras with a script they’ve barely had a chance to read. From the crew–you are asking them to show up with all their equipment and artistic talent and their full creative hats on—not only ready to take direction and ready to speak up if they have a better idea; but also ready to fill a role we didn’t know we needed.  I never had more fun. It’s exciting, challenging, and daunting. You have all these professionals depending on you to make a movie they can be proud of.


The Doll

So I handed out the script to the actors as they arrived that morning. I also gave them a character sheet. But I felt bad for not getting it to them sooner. I truly had to get faster at writing a script. Do you see what I mean about not wasting your time on the small stuff? When making a movie, no matter the budget, no matter your time allowed, concentrate on the important things—cast, crew, script. But a filmmaker can’t just focus on production; you also need a fabulous post-production team. In a 48 Hour film that means you have to get them the footage so they can do their thing. You need every person going full hilt to give his or her best. Then maybe you’ll have a film you like. For me, A House to Herself is a film I am proud of.  And besides… I made a thriller!!!  Read Part I

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I am a published author and filmmaker. Mi Casa Su Casa Productions launched in 2007 as part of the 48 Hour Film Project. As with all my writing, Mi Casa Su Casa Productions will focus on short films that entertain, enlighten and surprise viewers.
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