Lessons Learned From Face Off Part I

It’s no secret that I love movies and filmmaking so it’s no surprise that I’m a fan of the Syfy Channel series Face Off, a reality show that tests the creative muscle of movie make-up artists.  With phenomenal judges who provide gems of wisdom with their critiques, I sit glued to my TV every week.  Currently in its third season, I noticed that I’d been taking lots of mental notes on lessons learned that applied to screenwriters and others hoping to make it in Hollywood.  I finally decided to write my notes down on paper to share with everyone.

Photo by Syfy Channel: Glenn Hetrick, Ve Neill, McKenzie Westmore, Patrick Tatopoulos, and Neville Page

A Force to Be Reckoned With (Episode 1)

  1. Moviemaking is collaborative.  If you’re a prima donna, you’re missing out on what moviemaking is all about.  No one wants to work with someone who thinks he’s better than everyone else; a.k.a. an asshole.
  2. If you’re being bullied you’ve got to hold your ground.  No one has time to rescue you.
  3. Don’t put your name on a substandard product—EVER.
  4. Don’t let yourself be pulled down.  You have to step it up to fill any void.
  5. Work your ass off.  Always.
  6. Creativity wins!  In Hollywood, creativity is rewarded!

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