Lessons Learned From Face Off Part II

Each episode of Syfy Channel’s Face Off is worth a semester-long class in film school.  That’s how insightful the series is.  Watch for yourself and see if you come up with different kernels of truth than I did.  If so, let me know.  Leave a comment for all to see.  With Face Off, anyone interested in a career in Hollywood will gain valuable knowledge of how film people think.  Plus, it’s entertaining to see creative minds at work.  Here’s my take on episode 2.

Pirate Treasure (Episode 2)

  1. Stick with the theme or task you were given.  It does no good to do fantastically at something you weren’t asked to do!
  2. Give your employer what they ask for—only better.  Give them something unexpected.  Push it over the top.
  3. Start with a solid concept.
  4. No one has time to hear you complain about medical issues or injuries.
  5. It’s good to help out a colleague.  It’s no harm to you.
  6. Creativity is respected and appreciated!

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