Lessons Learned From Face Off Part III

Follow along as multi-talented make-up artists create on-the-spot sci-fi creatures for us to marvel at.  Even if you’re not a science fiction fan or a wannabe make-up artist, if you’re a creative type at all— writer, screenwriter, producer, director, or other film people—you’ll learn tidbits they don’t teach you in film school.  How would I know—I never went to film school—you ask?  Because unlike in a classroom, these contestants are put to the test; on the job; in a highly intense, competitive environment.  If you are a science fiction filmmaker or storyteller, then Face Off is a must see.  Check out my notes on episode 3:


Year of the Dragon (Episode 3)

  1. A bad idea is a bad idea no matter how much you throw at it.
  2. Most Face Off (and Hollywood film) failures failed at the concept level.
  3. Team communication is essential.  A true collaboration is even better and it’s difficult to beat.
  4. Don’t leave your teammate out to hang; you may end up hanging together.
  5. Step it up!  You’re surrounded by hungry, creative artists who want to win.
  6. Don’t rest on your laurels.  You have to bring it every day.
  7. Give the judges (your employer) your individual take on the assignment.  That means putting your unique vision, your distinctive spin on the project.  That’s what sets you apart from others.

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