Lessons Learned From Face Off Part IV

This was a painful episode to watch because one of my favorite contestants was eliminated.  She had enormous talent, was highly imaginative, and showed so much potential to be in the final face-off; yet at the end of the day, her creation did not have the wow factor needed.  She under-performed in this zombie challenge and in comparison to her competitor’s creations; hers was in the bottom three.  (However I didn’t think she was the worst).  It goes to show how one can’t expect to get credit for prior work.  Here’s what I got out of episode IV:


Alice in Zombieland (Episode 4)

  1. In Hollywood, one has to prove themselves over and over, day in and day out.  No matter how great your last script, or movie, or creature design was; you have to give all your energy, creativity, and talent to the project you’re working on today.
  2. In creature/character design, the concept needs to be visual.  You shouldn’t have to explain the concept.
  3. A cool idea needs to come across visually.  (In film, if one can’t ‘see’ it, then it’s not so cool).
  4. Don’t be afraid to ask a colleague for help.  One contestant asked for physical help, another asked for concept help.  Both contestants are still in the game.
  5. You can’t just throw something together.  The final product has to have unity.  Starting with a solid concept and finely executed, all your choices have to come together.
  6. When you are fired, go out with class.  Hollywood is a small town and you never want to burn your bridges.  The booted contestant had this to say, “I’m lucky to have found my passion in life.” She said she’ll continue to pursue her craft and she will be a special effects make-up artist.  Having passion, confidence and courage is what one must have in the Hollywood food chain, and in life.

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