Lessons Learned From Face Off Part V

When you’re in a situation where experts are offering you advice, the best thing to do is LISTEN!! How often will a special effects makeup artist or filmmaker have an Academy Award-winning judge look at their work and offer feedback? After you listen, consider the suggestions and make necessary changes. One contestant appeared to listen but then went ahead with his project as if he hadn’t heard a word that was said. He created the same old face he had created for prior episodes!  Here’s top tips from this week.


Supermobile (Episode 5)

1. Sometimes you have to start over. If a project you started isn’t feeling right, go with your gut. While you don’t want to doubt yourself, there are times when you should rethink your creation.

2. Use your imagination. Repeating yourself isn’t creative; it’s plagiarizing yourself. Hollywood expects artists to create original concepts for each project.

3. Don’t panic when the unexpected happens. Trust your skill and ingenuity to solve problems.

4. Think outside your box. Judges and Hollywood executives want to see something they haven’t seen before. They’re giddy like children when they see something special.

5. Stand up for your work, don’t cower under questioning. Hollywood types have high expectations and they want you to hold up under pressure and to have confidence. Not only do they want you to succeed, but your confidence gives them confidence in your work.

6.  Guest judge Kevin Smith had this pearl of wisdom for children’s thriller films: kill the parents early.


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