Lessons Learned From Face Off Part VIII

Producer Brian Grazer joined the show as a guest judge, immediately ratcheting up the stakes. Every contestant looked intense and hungry, but none more so than this week’s winner.  The judges commented that they loved seeing the fight in this contestant.  She clearly stood out from her competition.  On the other hand, the contestant sent home seemed lost without her buddy who was eliminated the week before.  She let her low spirit affect her work and the inevitable happened.  Judges told her she spent her time worrying over the wrong things, her inability to settle on a concept cost her, and she made critical errors causing her character to fail.  Ouch!  Here’s the who:


Syfy Channel Face Off Episode 8

Who’s The New Who (Episode 8 )

  1. Don’t let makeup distract from the character.  (Substitute “makeup” for whatever your craft makes use of).  In other words, don’t let anything distract from the character!
  2. Own your destiny. Don’t pin your success on someone else.
  3. Keep your eye on the prize and stay focused even when you aren’t at your best.
  4. Time management is crucial so you can add the details that give your work pop.
  5. Don’t get overconfident. Stay hungry.
  6. You don’t ever want to be sent packing because “ you didn’t work hard enough or your work isn’t good enough”.

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