Lessons Learned From Face Off Part X

Cream rises to the top!  I know you won’t believe me because I left out names in all my previous blog posts, but these are the contestants that I guessed early on would be in the final four.  And naturally, these finalists are feeling the stress.  The competition is fierce between them and they’re beginning to second-guess themselves.  It’s anybody’s game to win.  Here are my top tips from Episode 10.


Scene of the Crime Faceoff episode 10


 Scene of the Crime (Episode 10)

  1. When you start second-guessing yourself, shake it off!  Maybe it’s just nerves, pressure, and stress.  Maybe it’s just you missing your spouse.
  2. At one point or another, we all feel like our work isn’t good enough.  Fight through it!
  3. Contestants had to select a crime scene to create a creature that could have committed the crime (how awesome is that?).  Pick a scene (or project) that speaks to you and that will emphasize your talents, instead of highlighting your weaknesses.
  4. Whatever your craft in Hollywood, know how to create ____ (fill in the blank) a creature, a set, a script, a music score, a character… that’s unique, memorable, and functional.  Step Up Your Game!
  5. Balance your time well so you can show off your creativity.  You don’t want to get caught throwing elements together because you ran out of time. Running out of time leads to bad decision making!
  6. When creating a monster, make it scary, fierce, menacing!
  7. Know when to go big and when to be a bit more sophisticated and subtle.
  8. The judge’s comments this week included praise like: “You took risks and gave us intricate work.” “Great work with lots of promise. We want to see more.”  “Your work is complete, evolved.” “He thinks big and he’s willing to take chances.”  And “This is old-school. Great details.” To unfavorable comments: “He made bad finishing decisions.”
  9. The guy sent home, not because he wasn’t gifted and creative, was sent because he always went big fabricating when they asked him not to go big.  The bottom line is they had to send somebody home and the other three gave the judges no reason to pick them.

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