Lessons Learned From Face Off Part XI

The season finale was a nail biter.  The worst part is I still don’t know who won and the audience gets to call in their votes!  I’ll add to this post after tonight’s airing of the announcement after the voting.  (Or add a separate blog post).  All the characters created in this episode’s challenge held up through a grueling choreographed fight scene.  Here are my lessons learned from Episode 11:


Face Off Immortal Enemies


Immortal Enemies (Episode 11)

  1. When you’ve made it to the finale.  Dig deep.  Find whatever it takes to keep you going.
  2. It is VITAL to get what you see in your head out on paper!  You must be able to communicate your vision to others.
  3. Don’t let the jealousy of others get to you!  Let it go.  Stay professional.
  4. Accidents will happen.
  5. In Hollywood and in life, you’ll encounter people who will try to thwart your success.  I’m just saying, beware.
  6. When others knock you down, don’t count yourself out.  Keep fighting for your dream!
  7. In this business you need to be daring and creative and challenge yourself.
  8. Comments from the judges included: “You created rich looking characters that look like they belong to the same world. They’re cohesive.”  “Nice details, great silhouette for moviemaking.”  And, “The pieces don’t match.”
  9. The remaining three special effects makeup artists are phenomenal creative talents.  Face Off has allowed them exposure that most certainly will open doors for them in Hollywood.  I wish each artist good luck and I thank them for an entertaining and inspiring season.

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