Lessons Learned From Face Off Part XII

Season Three’s season finale aired last month and I’m a bit delayed posting my thoughts about it.  Rest assured there was drama, tips, and lessons learned.  Here’s a recap of the best quotes from the finale episode…

From Roy: Don’t be afraid to fail. Learn from your mistakes.  Most of his designs were trial and error—and he made it to the final four.

From Patrick: Go beyond. Don’t play it safe and not give it your all– If you don’t win, you still want to be remembered. You don’t want to be bland. Boring is bad. Go for it!

From Neville: The Exorcist horrified him.  He learned what you can do to an audience with make-up.

Lessons Learned from Face Off

Season Three Winner

Season Finale Episode 12

About Laura: “Conceptually, you have stellar designs.” “You stick to your concept and they come together in the end.”  Laura can block out her emotions, which has come in handy.

From Laura: Continue to tweak your design. A last minute decision can take you over the top.

About Derek: “You have the ability to conceive on paper. You’re a great visual artist and good designer. You have a great sense of form and color. You play under the radar and you’re such a likeable guy.”

About Nicole: “Bold design and great application work.”  “Certainly never boring” “relentless determination” “excellent decision making

From Nicole:  She doesn’t want to say “next time.”

The winner was my favorite purple-haired girl – Nicole!

Kudos to all three finalists who taught us a great deal about making it in Hollywood. If you missed out, don’t worry. Season Four begins in January 2013.  You know I’ll be watching.

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