My Directorial Debut Part II

When the script was finished (is a script ever really finished?) we had a crew meeting to finalize the details and the guys went home. I emailed the script to the cast and tried to get a couple of hours of sleep. Last year, with my homage to the CSI series (actually more of a parody) we had a gun scene and some people thought our film was penalized for it. This year I thought, if I’m going to be penalized at least let me really show the weapons. So our film was a Vietnam movie about soldiers who run out of gas in enemy territory. Creative use of ‘road trip’ right?

I couldn’t wait to start filming and I couldn’t sleep. In the middle of the night I realized that passersby might panic seeing us walking around with M-16’s. So I made a couple of impromptu signs borrowing ‘open house’ signs from my sleeping realtor-husband. Early the next morning we set out for the remote location where we were to film.

About Victoria M. Johnson

I am a published author and filmmaker. Mi Casa Su Casa Productions launched in 2007 as part of the 48 Hour Film Project. As with all my writing, Mi Casa Su Casa Productions will focus on short films that entertain, enlighten and surprise viewers.
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