Poetry On Demand (April 2013)

Associate Producer

The Glamorous Lie (2012)

First Assistant Director

The Anagram (July 2011)

Writer and Director–My first indie film (not affiliated with 48 Hour)

*Still Life (February 2010)*

Writer and Director–My third 48 Hour Film

*A House To Herself (August 2009)*

Writer and Director–My directorial debut!

The Road Ahead (August 2008)

First Assistant Director and Script Supervisor–For a Horror Feature Film

The Abstracting (June/July 2008)

My first film premiere!

Writer and Producer–My first film premiere!

*CSI: San Jose (August 2007)*


Leading role, YaVaughnie Wilkins (left), Producer and Scriptwriter, Victoria M. Johnson (center), and Director, Christopher Montoya (right).

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