Lessons Learned From Face Off Part VII

Okay, my favorite purple-haired contestant won the privilege to return to the show!!  She, along with five other eliminated contestants, was allowed to compete in a Day of the Dead challenge. (I love Day of the Day skeletons)!  I wonder if Face Off has been reading my blog?  Anyway, here’s what I picked up from this episode:


Face Off Monster Twist

Monster Twist (Episode 7)

1)   Lesson number one about Hollywood: Once in a blue moon, you get a second chance!  If you do, make the most of it.

2)   The returned eliminated contestants were asked to take Day of the Dead further than the typical skeleton.  Further than what we know and have seen before.  I think that is the mantra for special effects make-up artists and anyone in the filmmaking business whether writers, directors, DPs, and costume or set designers.

3)   Help your clients (the person paying you) clarify what they want, BUT add your perspective to it.  If you went solely on what they wanted and followed that to the letter, then they could have hired anybody to do it.

4)   Sometimes, giving the client exactly what he asked for isn’t a good move.  See item #3 above.

5)   It is possible for a person to be highly talented but not creative.

6)   Words from a judge, “It needs texture, it’s not polished, it’s not finished. This piece is not camera ready.”  These words can apply to scripts, too.

7)   The person who challenged herself creatively won, and the person who didn’t was sent home.  The winner produced something original, which as I said before, Hollywood rewards.

8)   Something else I learned this episode that really pertains to episode 4, is that sometimes the wrong person is let go.  And when the person who let you go realizes their mistake, isn’t it great that you went out with class, as I suggested you do, so you can come back to work without animosity?


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