My Directorial Debut Part III

We went above and beyond what was expected of a 48-hour film, and we sure had a blast. Of all the technical planning and scriptwriting—which are essential of course—I can’t tell you how vital it is to have a committed and capable cast and crew. Not only did I luck out with my genre, but also I can’t boast enough about those who worked on this project with me.

On the set of The Road Ahead

On the set of The Road Ahead

Sure enough, we used Friday for the scriptwriting and coordination; Saturday for filming; and Sunday for editing, music, and credits. This year the prop was a pin or pen. I must say that we sure as hell had the best use of prop than any of the other submitted films in our city competition. But guess what? We didn’t win an award for it. Probably because we had M-16’s all over the place, or so I’m told. But who cares about that? I stretched myself creatively, I had the opportunity to work with amazing people, and we created a film that entertained an audience. Maybe there is something I’d like to tweak, but this is the nature of the 48-Hour film, right?

About Victoria M. Johnson

I am a published author and filmmaker. Mi Casa Su Casa Productions launched in 2007 as part of the 48 Hour Film Project. As with all my writing, Mi Casa Su Casa Productions will focus on short films that entertain, enlighten and surprise viewers.
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